After sun, sand and sea for Bahamian culture, cuisine history: Grum Ma's House the place to be

Only place on Freeport, Grand Bahama island where you can find so much Bahamian culture, and if you had enough of the tourist thing.

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You get bush tea, Bahamian pastry, presentation on Bahamian cultural experience, cooking lessons, Bahamian food

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If you can, you MUST visit Grum Ma's House! It looks like a quick visit because it's just a tiny house from the outside, but inside you get the joy of conversation and storytelling from the proprietor, who will tailor your visit in any direction that interests you.

Ladyjadegd, Tripadvisor

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Grum Ma's House Culture & Cuisine Resource Guide

Hunter's Settlement & Freeport City, Grand Bahama are unique in that one is settled by local residents while the city was founded by a foreign industrialist. They are neighbours yet different.

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