What is Grum Ma’s House Cultural Center?

Grum Ma’s House Cultural Center comes from the plan of Parliament Square Cultural Center which was established to provide Bahamian culture and cuisine to both residents and guests to the island of Freeport, Grand Bahama. This is an interactive approach that expands the typical tour experience above the others. The word “Grum Ma” is how Bahamians refer to their Grandma’s and is a tribute to our own Great Grum Ma Beatrice. She was a Black Seminole Indian who married a Bahamian and embodied the rich culture and diverse heritage that many Bahamians have. This is matched by another Cherokee Grandmother and two Scottish Grandfathers. The Bahamas are a salad bowl of cultures!

Immerse yourself in the culture, heritage, and cuisine of the Bahamas. Taste of the Bahamas’ call Grum Ma’s House our home, located next to the first Catholic Church on the island: St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. We are located 15 minutes from Freeport Harbor. Our tours are as diverse as us, ranging from 2 to 6 hours and including Bahamian bush tea(opens in a new tab), Junkanoo, and other historical artifacts. Learn about ancestors who came from the United Kingdom, West Africa, the United States, and the Caribbean, and who all fell in love with our island paradise!

We are Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Bahama Host Certified, Ministry of Tourism People-to-People Ambassadors, and have a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor with over 45 reviews.

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Our Guides & Family

Donald Duncombe: Founder & Guide

I have a passion for sharing my cultural heritage with both residents and guests alike. You can find me doing so all around the island but most especially at Grum Ma’s House Cultural Center or on a Taste of The Bahamas Tour. I love my God, my family, and my country. I love Junkanoo and Bahamian music, food, and culture. I would love to show you our Junkanoo among all other things Bahamian!

Victoria Duncombe: Cook & Assistant

Victoria Duncombe, or Vicky as I call her, is my wife. She is known affectionately by her family and friends as Toe. We have been married for over 30 years and share 3 children. Vicky is a fantastic cook and I say this without bias or being persuaded. Although humble in the kitchen, it is from there that Vicky enjoys entertaining her guests, and she does so very well! Come and taste what I get to enjoy on a regular basis. My personal favorites are her fried fish, conch, and lobster, which she does exceptionally well.

Diane: Cook & Tour Guide

Diane is one of our princesses and an excellent cook. She loves experimenting and trying different recipes, meeting new people, and traveling. Di, as some of us call her, is my wife’s cousin and another welcomed member of our family team. To her husband Peter, she is known as Diana, and they have been also married for over 30 years with 3 children of their own.

Donvar: Assistant

Donvar is our son and he is older than he looks! He is our cultural help who loves to cook and hopes to soon be a chef. It is hard not to be inspired by our delicious cuisine.

Kim: Tour Guide & Assistant

Kim Muthra is my sister and the perfect addition to our Taste of the Bahamas family because she loves to assist and is a part of the whole operation. If you’re lucky enough to meet Kim, be sure to ask her about her poetry, she is a Bahamian author, poet, and wonderful storyteller. She also writes her pieces in the Bahamian dialect.

Mary: Cook & Assistant

Mary loves to cook and cater to everyone’s needs. She is the widow of my wife’s (Vicky) cousin Joe. We love having Mary helping out on our tours as she brings a natural old-world charm to the experience that is not easy to find these days.

Emily: Assistant

Emily is my wife’s sister and she is also one of our Princesses. While she loves to entertain she also appreciates being entertained!

Donvaria: Tour Guide & Assistant

Donvaria is our daughter. Donvaria brings that youthful exuberance that ensures you a great experience. She is well-versed in the culture although still learning and is also fluent in Spanish. When she isn’t working at Grum Ma’s House, Donvaria loves making wedding dresses.

Nikki: Cook

Nikki Hunt is my wife’s cousin and a jack of all trades! Not only is she a great assistant cook but she is also a hairstylist and a musician with an incredible range. You’ll be lucky if you hear her humming in the kitchen.

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